It's not just WHAT you use it's HOW you use it!

You'll be amazed at the difference in your skin
when you follow the simple, 60-second directions for AM and PM Cleansing


Click here to watch a video of The Sandwich for extremely sensitive skin or redness

60 SECONDS EVERY MORNING: Make Your Sandwich! Deep pore cleansing/mild exfoliation

1. Apply moisturizer that came with your package
2. Apply dots of Refining Scrub and smooth gently over face with water. Scrub around any active blemishes if you have acne.

For sensitive skin or redness: You will skip step 2 and go to Step 3. You can follow the directions to the right for weekly use of the Itnstant Radiance Mask that came with your package.

3. Apply a lather of Soap and gently massage.
4. Wet a Signature Cleansing Cloth with warm water and wipe skin thoroughly. Rinse cloth and re-wipe as necessary. (Do not unfold it!)
5. Splash face 10 times with lots of warm water, followed by 10 splashes of cool water
6. Re-apply moisturizer for the day

60 SECONDS EVERY EVENING: Touch & Glow - Surface cleansing and makeup removal

1. Apply cleansing milk on dry skin and massage over face. Use to remove eye makeup too.
2. Wet a Signature Cleansing Cloth with warm water and gently wipe skin (and eyes if you have makeup) thoroughly clean.
3. Wet another Signature Cleansing Cloth and sprinkle a few drops of toner on it. Wipe face thoroughly.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 if necessary, for instance if you are wearing lots of heavy make up.
Night cream is optional. Apply moisturizer only if your skin feels dry after cleansing or when you wake up
For extra refreshment, you may splash with warm, then cold water.
If you have blemishes or redness: Apply Blemish Erase very sparingly, anywhere you experience redness or breakouts.

20 MINUTES EVERY WEEK - Targeted mask treatments
1-3 Times per week, depending on your skin's needs

1. Apply a thin layer of Instant Radiance on clean skin. (Cleansed with milk and toner)
2. When almost dry, peel and roll off with your fingertips or splash with warm water and pat skin dry. Use a cloth to thoroughly remove if necessary.
3. Apply moisturizer. OR, for best results, continue to step 4
4. Apply either French Clay Mask or Deep Moisture Mask, depending on your skin's needs.

For skincare geeks only! click here for a detailed explication of how and why our sandwich method works