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The Beauty Editor, The Sisters-In-Law, and Manhattan’s Last Beauty Secret

We are sisters in law, best friends, and in 1998 we were fortunate enough to have met Simone France, whom Vogue calls “Manhattan’s last beauty secret."

Together with Simone we created a hype-free beauty company, where we never make promises we can’t keep, and only sell our own products that we absolutely, positively know from Simone’s 50 years of hands-on experience – and our own experience - will work. And our absolute favorite thing to do is to talk one-on-one, directly with our customers.

Here’s a little info about us. We’d love to hear from you! Please call, email or chat with us. Let’s talk about your skin!


Penny Kjellberg
Co-founder, Co-owner, Simone France Skincare

I’ve been a national beauty editor and writer (Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Seventeen) and head of PR for Olay, Lubriderm, La Prairie and more. I have literally tried every beauty product out there – that was my job! and even with the best of everything offered to me free of charge, I still had every skin problem you can name. When I met Simone and tried “The Sandwich” my skin cleared right up and 20 years later it’s still healthy and beautiful. I knew then that this was something that people really needed, so off I went into business with Simone, and I’m so glad I did! I’m using the same “Sandwich”, we’re selling all the same products Simone brought from France over 50 years ago. We’ve found what works and we want to share it with everyone.


Sally Riddles
Co-owner, Simone France Skincare

My life changed when I picked up the phone one midnight in September 2000 to hear Penny (she’s married to my brother Tom) weeping into the phone, begging me to quit my job ASAP and come work with her start-up skincare company. A big story in Vogue had just come out and she and Simone had a tidal wave of orders they couldn’t keep up with. I thought about it for 5 seconds, said YES and since that day we have worked side by side, having the best time, being very proud to have something we know helps people who haven’t found what they need anywhere else.

Jean Kjellberg
Co-owner, Simone France Skincare

I would hear Sally and Penny talking business on family vacations (I’m married to Sally’s brother David) and they always seemed to be having such a good time together. I’d been using the products for years with great results - I have VERY sensitive skin and it’s hard to find anything I can use for very long - so when the opportunity to join the company became a possibility in 2006, I came on board. If you’ve called our company for advice on which products are right for you, chances are you’ve spoken with me. I love being part of this company and now I can join in the exciting conversations on family vacations! (And a business meeting in PJ’s over coffee is pretty good too.)


Simone France, Co-Founder, Simone France Skincare

Vogue calls Simone France “Manhattan’s Last Beauty Secret.” That’s because she always worked alone in a modest atelier on east 58th Street (not even a receptionist) and she had a “cult” following of beauty insiders – the top makeup artists, models and stylists in the fashion world. You could only get an appointment if you knew someone – and even then, Simone preferred only to work with people who had a real skin problem – people she could help.

Models and actresses had big problems because they had heavy makeup applied under hot lights every day with brushes and puffs that were used on dozens of other people, and they had no say in what was applied to their skin. But Simone also worked on thousands of every day people during her 50 year career. It was during this time that she developed her signature method and famous Sandwich morning cleansing ritual and Touch & Glow evening cleansing ritual.

Simone herself is no stranger to skin problems or to the empty promises so many companies make. When she was a young girl in Paris just after World War II she had a terrible skin problem. The doctor declared her “cured” but her skin still looked terrible. She began a search for help from one Paris aesthetician to another, each one promising a new miracle and selling her expensive products and treatments. It was then she vowed never to make a promise she couldn’t keep.

Beauty trends come and go but we remain true to Simone’s philosophy, her formulations, her signature method, and her tradition of working one on one with each individual customer, making sure she has exactly what she needs at all times.

Come join our family. Take our skin consultation and recommendation quiz and let’s get to know each other!