MyRewards - Reap the rewards with every purchase!

Every time you make a purchase on the Simone France Skincare website, you'll automatically receive 10 points for every dollar you spend, exclusive of tax and shipping.  You can check your points balance anytime on this page.

Everyone who has an account with a password on our site automatically gets points - there is no need to sign up for anything special. 

Here's how it works:

1. As soon as your order has shipped, your MyRewards Points will be available for redemption.

2. When you want to use your points, log into your account and enter the total amount (in points) you'd like to redeem below. (100 points = $1).  The minimum redeemable is 100 points.

3. Upon placing your order, your available MyRewards will automatically be deducted from the total purchase amount.

Please note that the order on which you redeem MyRewards points is not eligible to earn rewards.

Available Points: $(AvailablePoints)
Pending Points: $(PendingPoints)
Want to learn more about MyRewards? For more MyRewards information, see the Terms & Conditions.