Answer these questions about your skin and Penny will respond in 24 hours or sooner with an individual analysis and recommendation for you. It will include a wealth of skincare tips and info you can use, not just product suggestions.

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1. What Most describes your skin?
Normal to oily
Normal to slightly dry
Dry to very dry

2. Are any of these a MAJOR problem for you? Check all that apply
Adult Acne (always have more than a few blemishes)
Extreme Sensitivity
Rosacea or Redness
None of the above

3. How often do you break out?
Rarely or never
Often, with several isolated blemishes at a time
Many blemishes, all over, all the time

4. Do you wear foundation or bronzer?
Liquid or cream
Rarely or Never

5. Do you use products that contain any of the following?: Check all that apply.
Glycolic acid, Retin A, salicylic acid or other AHA or BHA
Scrubs with nuts, seeds, pits, crystals or plastic beads?
Scrubs with rice powder or baking soda
Facial brushes
None of the above

6. What type of cleanser do you use? Check all that apply.
Liquid, gel, mousse or foaming
Cleansing wipe
Bar soap
Cleansing Milk (non-foaming)
No cleanser or just water

7. Do you use toner?

8. Do you use moisturizer?

9. Are you on any prescription medication for acne or rosacea or do you use products with benzoyl peroxide?

10. How do you remove your cleansing products?
Rinse with water or I use a cleansing wipe
Use something absorbent that has no product on it (i.e. washcloth or cotton)

11 What would you like to improve about your skin? Check all that apply.
Too oily
Too dry
Brighten a dull complexion
Uneven skin tone
Pigmentation spots
Large pores
Clogged/blackheads pores
Fine lines and wrinkles

12. How did you hear about us?
I've been a customer for a while
Internet Search
Friend or family recommendation

13. Do you currently use Simone France products? 


Please list any allergies, sensitivities or other information we should know about your skin.

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