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Ooh La La! Take your skincare to a whole new level.

Hydrate. Shrink your pores. Firm your skin. Heal blemishes. Reveal your freshest complexion ever. Our French facial masks and special treatments are exactly what every skin needs for optimum health and beauty.

Add a weekly mask (or two!) to your skincare regimen and see the difference right away. Try our all natural healing blemish treatment, our under-eye cream or our pharmaceutical grade, organic treatment oil for dry, sensitive skin and fine lines. They're a simple, time-proven way to assure a healthy, younger-looking complexion for a lifetime.

Simone France Line Minimizer Simone France Instant Radiance Exfoliating Mask Simone France Complexion Perfection Mask
Line Minimizer
From $30

French Clay Mask
From $18


Organic, healing treatment oil for dry and sensitive skin

Gentle exfoliating mask - a must for every skin type.

Pore-tightening, healing French treatment mask for all skin types.

Simone France Deep Moisture Mask Simone France Blemish Erase Simone France Eye Candy
Deep Moisture Mask
From $18

Eye Candy


Ultra-rich hydrating mask for nourishing dry and very dry skin

Healing ointment for blemishes and redness.
Gentle, moisturizing, anti-aging under eye treatment cream.

Simone France Mask Duo:  Complexion Perfection Simone France Mask Duo: Deep Hydration

For all skin types. Mask combo to deep clean & tighten pores.
$110 - you save $10!

For dry skin. 2 high-performance masks for gentle exfoliation & maximum hydration
$110 You save $10!