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Why do you say to use milk and toner only at night and The Sandwich only in the morning?

Healthy skin requires two cleanings a day - a surface cleaning at night and a deep-pore, mild exfoliating cleansing in the morning. You need something with a little bit of oil in it, (like a cleansing milk) to dissolve make up, oil and the impurities of the day to leave the surface of your skin perfectly clean before bed. When you wake up the surface is clean and ready for the special spa treatment of The Sandwich. The Sandwich uses moisturizer soap and scrub for deep cleansing/mild daily exfoliation that leaves you with a healthy glow for the day. These are the best type of products for this purpose. It’s really like a special spa treatment – whenever you go to a spa and have a facial or any special treatment, they don’t just put it right on your face – they first clean your face and remove your make up with milk and toner so that the special treatments go right to your pores instead of having to first get through layers of makeup and oil.

Isn’t it better to use soap and scrub at night when your skin is the most dirty?

That sounds logical, but in fact the opposite is true. Soap and scrub FEEL refreshing, but they are not the best form of products to dissolve oil and makeup. You need something with a little oil in it to do that, like a cleansing milk. Our great-grandmothers knew what they were doing when they used cold cream at night! If you want that refreshing feeling at the end of the day, after cleansing with milk and toner just splash with warm water 15 times, then cold water 15 times.

Why do you use moisturizer first?

It is rather unusual to have moisturizer be the first step in cleansing, but that is one of the keys to our great results. Moisturizer serves two purposes: It softens everything up so it removes better, and it provides a protective layer to shield your skin from the drying effects of the soap. The whole point of The Sandwich is to get the great cleansing benefits of soap without any of the drying side effects. You then apply moisturizer again after you are finished washing so your skin is protected for the day.

Do you really need 15 splashes of warm water and 15 splashes of cool?

Yes! The warm and cool splashes have two purposes. The warm splashes make sure you don't have a bit of scrub left behind and the warm water stimulates your circulation for natural detoxification. The cold splashes tighten up your pores and the cool water following the warm water gives you a rosy glow. Everything in The Sandwich instructions is there for a reason. Any little thing you leave out means you lessen the benefit of the health and beauty of your skin You can do it - It's only two minutes from start to finish!

Can the Signature Cleansing Cloths be re-used?

Absolutely! You can rinse and re-use them after The Sandwich a few times before discarding them. One exception is people with significant acne. They should use a fresh cloth with each cleansing for maximum hygiene.

Won’t the soap dry out my skin?

It will never dry out your skin if you follow the method. All soaps are drying by their nature – even ours which is 100% organic! The trick is to use it with our method, with moisturizer first and wiping off afterward. That’s how you get the cleansing benefits of soap without the drying side effects.

What if I lose my instruction card?

No problem! Click here for the instructions.