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The Quintessential French Moisturizers

Our classic French moisturizers use the fewest and purest ingredients possible and are a bit richer than almost everything else out there. Contrast our rich, dense potions with today’s preference for everything to be"light" and "barely-there". Well, guess what? If it's barely there, it's barely doing anything!

No matter what your skin type, we have a moisturizer for you that will keep your skin in balance. Keep oily skin from producing too much oil, and make dry skin soft, glowing and beautiful. Sensitive skin? Redness? We have a classic French formulation for you! Try it and see the difference a real French moisturizer will make for your skin.

Simone France French Formula Simone France Lovely Glow Simone France Light Moisture Cream

Ultra-rich luxurious cream for dry to very dry skin

Soft and creamy for normal to slightly dry skin

Souffle-textured moisturizer for normal to oily and problem skin

Simone France Line Minimizer Simone France Eye Candy
Line Minimizer
From $30


Organic, healing treatment oil

Gentle, moisturizing, anti-aging under eye treatment cream.