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How do I know which products are right for me?

Our Get Started Quiz will give you an in-depth, personal skin care analysis and recommendation. It takes less than a minute to complete and contains lots of helpful skin information you can use no matter which products you ultimately use. If you don’t find the answers you want or if you have questions, feel free to chat, email or call us if you have questions. We'd love to talk to you about your skin!

What’s the best way to get started?

We recommend starting with either The Sandwich Morning Deep Cleansing Ritual or the Total Skincare Program Travel Set because with those you will see the fastest and most dramatic results, at a value price. If you want to try just one product to get an idea of the quality of our formulas, we recommend Instant Radiance, or any of our masks for your skin type.

What’s so different about this line?

Let us count the ways! We are a family business and when you purchase from us it is just the beginning of our relationship - not the end. We work individually with any customer who seeks individual advice and consultation. We do not follow trends - We remain true to the philosophy and formulas of Simone France, who used the products and the method on thousands of women over a 50-year career, and saw first-hand what works and what doesn’t. We use the fewest ingredients possible in each and every product. We don’t believe there is a single miracle ingredient that will solve all your problems. We have our own unique method of using the products that is every bit as important as the products themselves. If you use our products the same way all others are used, you won’t get the great results.

Can I use other products with your method?

No. Our products are made to be layered and used together and others are not. When you mix products you’re playing amateur chemist – when ingredients mix with each other they can turn into something altogether different – and not good for your skin! And it’s not just the ingredients – it’s also the textures of our products that are formulated to be used with our unique method. Substituting other products not made to be used this way will not give you a good result.

Will your products get rid of dark spots?

Our system can lighten or even eliminate dark spots if the pigment resides in the upper layers of the skin. If the pigment resides in the deepest region of the skin, that requires a more serious medical procedure like a laser. Many people have seen their dark spots lighten dramatically and even disappear on our system. We do this not with bleaches or other aggressive treatments, but with the same gentle daily exfoliation we recommend for everyone. They key is to do a little bit, very gently, every day.

What are the anti-aging ingredients in your products?

One of Simone’s most famous quotes is “What you take off your skin is just as important as what you put on it.” We do not believe in miracle ingredients or in any one ingredient that can do it all. We deliver the ultimate anti-aging results by using fewer ingredients, a unique method that respects and works together with the skin’s natural processes. “Fighting” wrinkles, “zapping zits” and other popular ways of waging war on your skin with powerful chemicals only cause it to show you battle scars of dryness, redness, dullness and more. Treat your skin gently and with respect and work with it instead of against it through the years and it will thank you with a beautiful, smooth, healthy glow for a lifetime.

Where are your products made?

The formulas are the original French recipes but the products are made in America. Blemish Erase is the only product still manufactured in France, but that will soon be made in America as well.

Do your products contain parabens, sulfates or fragrances?

Generally, the only fragrance you smell in our products is the natural smell of the ingredients. Sometimes the best ingredient doesn’t smell very good, so occasionally we use what is called a “masking” fragrance to neutralize a bad smell. We do not use sulfates. We have removed parabens from all of our products except French Clay Mask and the paraben-free version of that will be available in early 2016.

Are your products tested on animals?

No.Our products have never been tested on animals and they never will be.

Does your cleansing milk have milk in it?

No, there is no milk or milk products in our cleansing milks.

Is there gluten in your products?

Lovely Glow and Deep Moisture Mask have wheat germ oil, although there is no evidence that trace amounts of gluten are present contained in the oil, and no evidence that people people who are sensitive to gluten that they eat have a problem with a possible trace amount applied to their skin.