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"What you take off your skin is more important than what you put on it."
..Simone France

It's all about the way you clean your skin:
No matter what your skin type or problem, you can have a lifetime of beautiful skin if you change the way you clean it every day. The problem isn't that you aren't putting the right things on your skin - the problem is that you are putting too much on it and leaving so much behind.

With products the likes of which you won't find anywhere else:
We remain true to Simone’s original formulas she brought from France over 50 years ago. It is virtually impossible to find products made this way any more! We use the fewest possible ingredients, and you will be amazed at the texture and performance.

And a special technique that you nave never tried before: We will show you our special technique for using the products that is just as important for the great results as the formulas. We guarantee you, you have NEVER washed your face this way before!

Our commitment to you:
Just like Simone advised women who came to her for facials in her NYC atelier, you get personal advice from us, on demand, as often as you need it. If you have a problem we want to know and we promise to fix it.

Our unique cleansing system works for every woman, every age, every skin type, every skincare problem.

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