Line Minimizer Mini

Line Minimizer Mini

100% organic, hydrating treatment oil is ideal for even the driest, most sensitive skin.  Minimizes the appearance of fine lines, sooths redness and irritation and promotes healing.  Use it under your eyes, around your mouth, and you can even mix a drop or two in with your daily moisturizer to custom blend a richer cream on days when your skin needs more moisture.



*100% organic with a special texture blended to Simone's unique specifications. 
*Minimizes the appearance of fine lines
*Use it alone or in combination with any of our moisturizers to custom blend a richer cream on days you need more moisture.
*Ideal on even the most sensitive skin 
*Excellent around the mouth and wherever fine lines appear 
*Use it on infants to heal diaper rash and any irritation or sensitivity
*Men love it as a pre-shave oil to soften a tough beard, especially on sensitive skin

100% organic, AEA certified pure pharmaceutical grade emu oil.

Made to our exact specifications with a custom blend of "cream" and "skim" for the perfect texture.

Customer Reviews


40 Reviews

    • from: Wendy G -- Mayfield Heights, OH United States

    • Feb 3, 2016

    I mix a drop of this oil in with my regular moisturizer at night. I use it on my face, neck and chest and by morning my face is soft and my chest has lost that crepe-y look!

    • from: Karen Kautz -- Fairfax, VA United States

    • Jan 27, 2016

    so far I have been mixing it with french formula because my face still feels very tight and dry it has helped .But only been 11 days so Im still hoping for more results

    • from: Elaine Orgill -- Eugene, OR United States

    • Dec 20, 2015

    This product is good, but expensive for the amount.

    • from: Lissa Mattson -- North Babylon, NY United States

    • Nov 16, 2015

    I use this product on lips, dotted under my eyes and between my eyes, my entire chest and neck and the residue on my elbows. It's a excellent product.

    • from: linda suibielski -- pascoag, RI United States

    • Oct 26, 2015

    this is by far the best product for your skin . I have been using it for quite a few years now, would not want to be without it. my face used to get so red. since I have been using line minimizer, no more redness. it is the greatest moisturizer I have ever used.