WHO YOU WILL TALK TO: We are beauty and skincare veterans with decades of experience at national fashion and beauty magazines, and experienced PR and marketing pros for Olay, La Prairie, Lubriderm, St. Ives and many, many more. And 20 years training with Simone and talking to thousands of men and women about their skin.  We have answers for you!

WHAT YOU WILL TALK ABOUT: We will have the same in-depth conversation about your skin that Simone had with her facial clients. You can also ask any questions about skincare or beauty in general.

HOW THE CONSULTATION WORKS: We will call you at the appointment time. If you do not answer we will leave a message. You may call back any time during your 20-minute appointment and we can talk for the remainder of the time.

IF YOU NEED TO CANCEL:  Pease contact us with at least 24 hours notice. If more than one consultation is missed without canceling first, we may not continue to re-schedule.