Signature Cleansing Cloths

Signature Cleansing Cloths

Absorbent, hygienic and unique. The same cloths used in Simone's famous facials they have no product on them – a special weave and texture assures they absorb and remove makeup, oil, impurities, and product residue.  Guaranteed to deliver cleaner, brighter, clearer, healthier skin than cotton, tissues or rinsing alone.

30 4x4 cloths $12  ♦ 100 4x4 cloths $20.00 ♦ 200 2x2 eye makeup remover cloths $17.50

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*No matter what type or brand of products you use, these cloths are a must-have for assuring no impurities, oil or product film are left behind on your skin.
*Wonderful for removing masks
*Use the smaller ones to remove eye makeup with our Cleansing Milk
*Fantastic for use on babies and young children


There is no product on these wonderful cloths. Their special weave and texture are the perfect 100% natural way to remove all skin care products and makeup.

Customer Reviews


51 Reviews

    • from: Carol Mcalpine -- atlanta, GA United States

    • Dec 16, 2017

    They are so soft and clean makeup off without feeling rough on my skin.

    • from: Elaine Orgill -- EUGENE, OR United States

    • Dec 12, 2017

    This cloths are wonderful in the cleansing of my face in the morning. Wonderful product!

    • from: Mary C Dutcher -- Dillsburg, PA United States

    • Nov 2, 2017

    These are so soft and non scratchy and can be used several different ways....after evening cleaning and using the toner, then in am taking off the morning cleansing sandwich and also rinsing with the warm then cool water............Mary D

    • from: Donna -- Auburn, AL United States

    • Oct 13, 2017

    At first I thought the cloths would be unnecessary, that I could use washcloths instead. I soon learned that they were indispensable.

    • from: Sabina -- Fort Lauderdale, FL United States

    • Sep 4, 2017

    I find these cloths remove the soap and scrub easily, washcloths just don't do the job as well, they're also convenient and reusable, I just keep it folded, rinse and let dry.